Healing from the Brokenness in Marriage

Heal from broken marriage


We are a community of fighters and survivors. Whether you’re a first, second, or ex wife, we all need support when destruction hits marriage. Join in the hope and restoration that comes to the soul that is properly tended to.


Hello, and welcome! I’m Lauren and my heart gushes for all things marriage and family.

More specifically, I love encouraging women who have every reason to call it quits in marriage. I am a truth-seeker, wife, mama to two, author, teacher by trade and writer by passion. I enjoy sharing good meals with dear friends, listening to live music, crafting anything creative and adventuring to new places. I am passionate about sharing the peace God can bring to even the most heartbreaking situations.


The range of emotions experienced during a broken marriage are as broad as they come. I did my very best to categorize my writing into what would help you for exactly where your heart is at today. The topics you find at the top of the page will better help you navigate where to go. From feeling like your marriage is on its way out, to fighting like hell for it to stay together, to signing divorce papers, to sharing your children, to re-marriage! My story tells a little bit of everything. Peruse and find what will give you hope. Venting and dating to forgiving the other woman and divorce playlists … It’s here. Wherever you are, use the categories to find what best suites your heart today.