What If?


One of my favorite parts of social media is how it connects you with people you’d never have met otherwise. Lately, I’ve found some amazing women who are rocking their blended family and crushing that negative stigma! I saw this caption on a photo of Jamie Scrimgeour and absolutely loved it.  Read the words below. Do what you can to make them your truth.

I also found this fitting as my co-parenting podcast with Worthy came out yesterday! Give it a listen if co-parenting is part of your story. It’s a firm reminder that this co-parenting work does not happen overnight, but our children are worth the time.

“What if all the stepmoms and all the moms realized they are on the same team?

What if there were no pissing matches and turf wars?

What if the kids were viewed as people, and not as timeshares?

What if it wasn’t about who is responsible for what, and just about making sure that the kids are taken care of?

What if stepmoms weren’t viewed as a threat and just an extra person to love the kids?

What if the moms weren’t viewed as the husbands ex, but as the mother of the most important people in the stepmoms lives.

What if it wasn’t about keeping score?

What if it stopped being a competition about who is the better parent, and started being an ongoing conversation about how to raise stand up kids

What if all the adults put their adult issues on the shelf, and focused on what truly matters.

What if?”

Image by Morgan Harper Nichols