Mom Life in the Hard Times


I am so excited to announce that I will be speaking at the Mothergood Conference in May! If you are a mama, I would love to see you at this amazing event. I am honored to share my story and the hope that comes on the other end of hardship. I plan on sharing how I got through those years of losing my marriage and still showing up for my daughter. I also plan on sharing how I find the silver lining in co-parenting. Motherhood is hard enough without all of life’s other happenings, so my hope is that I can share practical tips on how to get through those difficult seasons and still kill it as a mama.

If there’s a parenting topic you would like me to either speak to or write about, please let me know! I would LOVE to hear what would best serve you. If you’re feeling bogged down by divorce, focus on taking care of what YOU need in the day-to-day. That may be help with your baby, so you can recover on your own. Be honest with those around you about what you need. I know personally, I felt like my daughter was a healthy distraction for me. It was this beaming face of joy and purpose in all of the sadness. Even with this, I still needed my own time to heal and grieve. Divorce does not change the fact that you were made for your baby. And, YOU are enough for your baby. I pray you can discern what you need to heal and come out an even stronger mama than you knew possible!