A Glimpse

Stop Wrecking My Home: How to Come out of a Broken Marriage in One Piece is available on Amazon AND Audible! If you’re interested in the entire story of how I ended up here, give it a read. I promise you will laugh, cry, and feel everything in between.

Lauren McKinley’s raw glimpse of how to survive life in a destroyed marriage has inspired many by reminding women they’re not alone. In Stop Wrecking My Home, she shares her personal story of the destruction an affair brings to a marriage, family, and community. Her words invite the brokenhearted to fight for their marriage while maintaining their self-worth. Her writing provides healing, hope, and restoration to the victims of betrayal. The pain you have endured may have broken your heart, but it does not have to break you.

Discussion GUIDE

This guide was created with your healing in mind. If you’re ready to dig deep and take your healing to a new level, this discussion guide is for you! I know that rebuilding after a divorce can be a long and painful process. My hope is that these questions will help you reflect on what you truly need during this time and envision the future you deserve!

top reviews

"I finished this almost in one sitting and I'm going back to start again. Very well written with many truths and thought provoking revelations. The second time through I'm going to stop and let myself absorb those things. I really believe that out of the 10+ books I've read on this topic it is the one that is going to provide me with the best opportunity of making some kind of sense out of the messy life I've found myself tangled up in. Many thanks to the author got sharing her struggles and pain in the hope of helping others ... you've helped me!"

"Amazing book! It captures you in and you can’t put it down. Once you’re finished, you want to read it again and pass it on to everyone. I read this book previous to getting married, and although I couldn’t relate to Lauren’s experience, there was so much insight to be gained about protecting your marriage and how to work through challenges in the family. Her grace and beauty are so inspiring, and no matter where you are at in life, Lauren’s story will fill you with a divine hope in the future."

"This really touched my heart in a time when I needed to have it touched. So many beautiful point and words of encouragement. So many wonderful Bible verses to be able to go back and reference. An easy read that I will pick up time and time again I'm sure."

"This book was exactly what I needed to read. I have been fighting to save my marriage for 3 years after finding out about my husbands affair. So many ups and downs and crazy emotions. I could really connect with the author. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has been betrayed and your marriage has ended because of it."

"Lauren's story of love, loss, and ultimately hope is one that I couldn't put down. Her perspective is honest, relatable and witty, which I didn't expect from such a story. I highly recommend "Stop Wrecking My Home" for anybody that has gone through a similar situation. She will validate your sadness, while at the same time making you realize that a new beginning is possible. Five stars!"