Weekend Happenings


“Our scars are badges of life and hope. They tell the story of where we have been, not where we are going. They demonstrate that healing is possible, that hearts can heal and that He makes all things new. They show us that being vulnerable is a sign of courage and strength. They radiate beauty, healing, and grace, not weakness. Our scars are beautiful.” - Made in His Image

I read this awhile back and it has not left my mind. My prayer is that this will encourage you as we enter the weekend. Weekends were the hardest for me during the early moments of my divorce and launch into singledom. Monday through Friday my life didn’t look much different. Stay at home mom life and working mom life both kept me very busy. Much of that weekly routine remained the same. However, the weekends were a sad story. Weekends welcomed date nights and family time. And there I was, suddenly robbed of both my husband and family.

There's nothing easy about lonely weekends where everyone else's life is carrying on normally. If you’re in this spot, I am praying for you specifically. I am praying you will meditate on the healing you are capable of experiencing and not on what sometimes feel like paralyzing scars. I pray that you will have the courage to leave the victim role and embrace the proactive one. Do something unique, reflect on what you’re thankful for, and spend time with people who genuinely care for you. Make this weekend a happy one, viewing your scars in a whole new light.

Image by Eva Kolenko Photography