Monday Motivation


Happy Monday, friends! Let’s embrace this new month and new week together, moving forward in the life God has for us. I am not going to lie, I somewhat dread April. I will say, welcoming it this time around has been the easiest yet (thank you Jesus for healing). However, I am not quite at the point where I don’t think twice about the very events that give April that sting. There will be more on those events and how to deal with similar ones in some very special upcoming April posts. Let’s just say the legal stamp of my divorce and my former wedding anniversary both reside in this month, only 8 days from one another. That being said, I can hardly believe I am almost at the one year mark of the divorce! God sure can do a whole lot in one year. I recently read this John Piper quote and it felt very fitting as I know April typically hits me with a wide range of emotions. I am praying this inspires you to be honest with yourself and the emotions divorce brings, but also trust in God’s goodness for your future!

Image by The Humbled Homemaker