Motherhood is Hard


This morning I read an article on a blog I enjoy about family and motherhood. It had been showing up in my Facebook feed by some trusted mommy friends, so I thought I’d give it a read. Oh boy. Here I am, teary eyed with coffee in hand. If you’re a mom of a young child, you must read this. It’s so easy to feel like a failure as a parent, especially when you’re in survival mode amidst a divorce. I find myself more often than not struggling with the guilt of what balance looks like and why it’s so different than I anticipated. When you’re trying to cope with the harsh realities of a marriage falling apart, the parenting gig is still just as hard as it was before. Actually, there are whole new levels of hardship. Is she acting this way because she’s 3 or because I didn’t make her apologize that one time or because her parents are divorced? The mind of a mother races endlessly. Calm the race for a moment, head on over to Austin Moms Blog, and read the article below. It will tug on all the heartstrings and remind you you’re not alone in this quest to raise small humans well.

This Stage of Life? It's Hard by Haley Hengst

Image by Katie Beverley