Healing Prayer Before Mass


I have preached the healing mass game before because I am a real huge fan of them. I went to one a few weeks back that was centered around the principles of growth. A favorite priest of mine, Father Michael Barry, said mass. This particular healing mass we wrote our prayer intentions on a piece of paper and then placed them in a basket. Father Michael Barry laid his hands over them and started saying prayers led by the Holy Spirit. He knew nothing about any of the people at mass. I pretty much always write out the same intentions at these masses: healing for my daughter, a healthy blended family for her, for her heart when she finds out the story of her father and the divorce, healing for my heart and emotions, and for my future marriage/family. During this time of the mass, the priest said a couple prayers that really stood out (and of course immediately had me the good kind of crying). His prayers were: “for a little girl who will need to forgive her father” and “for a someone who is healing from the emotional abuse of a spouse.” I mean, wowza. As I’ve said before, these masses are incredibly powerful. I can’t recommend them enough.

The organization who hosted this mass was, Women’s Christian Fellowship. Angie Lake wrote a beautiful prayer to say before a healing mass. Bookmark it, pray it, cry it, sing it, share it, enter this weekend's mass with it!

Prayer Before Mass

“Dear Lord, Thank you for your love by sending Jesus, your only son, to die on the cross for me and for everyone. You have said that to those who believe and receive the good news, You will give power to become children of God. I want to renew my love for You, dear Jesus, and I want to thank You for dying on the cross for me. I confess that You are my Savior and my Lord. Please come into my heart and into my life. Please send your Holy Spirit to fill me, to renew me, to guide me and to enable me to have the gift of faith to receive the healing You want to impart to me.

Let this mass be a holy time that is set apart for healing of my total being through the Eurcharistic presence of Your body, blood, soul, and divinity. I bring my body, soul, and spirit before You now.

Please heal my body of all afflictions and disease, for I believe that by your wounds and by your precious blood, I can be healed by all infirmities that have attacked my body. Please keep me safe with your holy angels to protect me from all harm to my body. I accept all You allow to happen to me, and I ask that if I ever am privileged to suffer for the sake of the Kingdom of God, You will accept my suffering as reparative for those who are in most need of Your mercy and grace in the circle of my family and loved ones or anyone who is in need of your grace.

Please heal my soul: my memory, my will, my intellect/understanding, and emotions. Let your healing light move into the recesses of my soul to bring your light into the darkness within me and shed your holy light into the areas of my need. Enable me to surrender my will to You and to desire with all my heart to follow in Your way and not my own. I choose life in You, dear Jesus. Please heal my memory of past hurts that have quenched love within me. Purify my eyes that saw things that caused me grief and my ears that heard lies that tore down the sense of who I am in You. I am sorry for the times I was prideful, selfish, envious, jealous, thoughtless, and unkind. I grieve over the sins and hurts I have caused others by my words or actions and ask that You forgive me and purify my intellect/understanding. I ask today that You reveal Yourself to those I have harmed and heal their hearts.  I choose to forgive everyone who has hurt me in the past, and I ask that You heal my mind and purify my understanding, so that I may walk in freedom once again.

Please heal my spirit, Lord, by pouring your Holy Spirit love into me until I become a fountain of living water for your sake and for your glory.

I consecrate myself to You, Jesus. You have said that You in the Father and the Father is in You. You have invited me to enter into this holy relationship, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, by your grace. Thank You, Lord. I say, Yes, to You and ask that You infuse me with your love and compassion that I may be renewed and healed in my body, soul, and spirit.

Dear Jesus, let your light enter into any darkness in me and set me free to fully love You, know You, and worship You. As I remain in You and You remain in me, please heal me in my body, soul, and spirit, my relationship with You, my immediate family, my extended family, my church family and all others. I surrender to You and Your will for me. Amen.”

-Angie Lake

Image by Elissa Voss