Half of Everything


Here’s some humor for your hump day! I saw this clip on another divorce blog and just had to laugh. We all have our own ways of coping with divorce and in this case it was LITERALLY splitting everything in half. I never took this exact approach, but I do remember feeling like I could have starred in the music video for George Strait’s song, Give It Away. I remember when I first found out that my ex-husband had been cheating on me one of his best friends asked me if I needed help changing the locks and putting everything he owned out on the front lawn. I was never quite that ballsy. I did come VERY close to selling all of his music gear on Craig’s List for a new wardrobe though. Again, I chickened out. One funnier, yet tad less extreme thing I did (with the help of some friends) was replace every picture of him in our house with pictures of dogs. Our wedding pictures were soon myself in white next to an adorable chocolate lab. Our family of three looked like my daughter and I with our new pup. This just kept things light around the home we once shared. I remember a painter came by to do some work in the house and he looked very puzzled by the photos. I shot him a “don’t ask” look. This got me thinking, do you have any crazy stories of things you did to cope with your divorce? Anything funny or perhaps something you’re not too proud of? I would love to showcase your funny story! We need some sort of humor during this heavy and dark time. Write in and let me know if you’d like me to share your story on the blog!