Turn It Up


Oh my, do I love music. Whether it be the perfect soundtrack for the work day, or a familiar tune that brings all the warm and fuzzies, or lyrics so poetic you want to cry, I adore the volumes a song can speak (see what I did there). Then, there are those songs that speak YOUR exact truth at the exact time you need to hear it. The ones that tell the exact story of your life at the moment you hear it. And your heart is so encouraged that a songwriter somewhere who you've never met understands the core of how you feel. Music just speaks to a different level of my soul.

A little while back, I made three different divorce playlists of the songs that portrayed my range of emotions (start to finish) during the whole long saga. In case you’re looking for some tunes to speak to your heart, give these a listen.

Country Music

Jesus Music

Misc. Music

Enjoy, sisters. My prayers are with you!

Image by Elissa Voss Photography