Motherhood (part two)


The next piece in our motherhood series comes from a writer who shares the straight up truth that being a mom is HARD. She wrote this post for a mom blog in Waco, and her words wring in all sorts of wisdom, especially in the fresh mommy stage I'm currently in. I say, fresh because I had a six-year break from the newborn life. And while now, three months in, I will brag all day every day about this perfect boy I have who sleeps and is happy every hour of the day, I must say that the first weeks were brutal (and in a very unexpected way).

I thought to myself, I’ve done this before. What could possibly be so hard? Those damn emotions, that’s what. The swings were REAL and out of my control. I found myself upset for no good reason, most days. I am thankful that time has passed and I feel more and more back to my normal level-headed self. But, even so, is it all still really hard? Absolutely. Balancing my time and attention with this sweet three-month nugget and my energetic and fiery six-year-old is just hard. And, to be clear, I don’t mean to label my daughter in a negative context. The very things that make my daughter so freaking amazing are the same things that make her a challenge to parent at times. That's just the fact of the matter. Now, back to the amazing article, I am sharing with you this morning: This Stage of Life? It’s Hard.

Enjoy and be encouraged that we are all in this same mommy boat. If you think this stage is hard, then you must be doing all the things right!