Find What Makes You Happy


Do you know what makes you happy? And, I am not necessarily talking deep rooted joy. I am talking about when you need a simple pick-me-up, do you know what does the trick? I think this is important in getting ourselves out of those surface-level ruts. Some pain needs deeper attention. That is what therapy and real work within ourselves is for. However, there are just those days where for whatever reason, you don’t feel like yourself and that bums you out. You absolutely have the power to change that. I have my go-to list of what brings me to a happier mental place, and like I said before, these aren’t necessarily deep and spiritual practices. But, I know, for certain they will lift my mood on those not so fun days. I challenge you to make your list and have it be your go-to for when you feel down. It may stop the feelings early, before they turn into something that’s harder to pull yourself out of. You deserve to show up fully for yourself and do the things that make YOU happy.

Here’s my happy list:

1. Going to Anthropologie by myself. The candles, the decor, daydreaming about buying all the things at some point in my life.

2. Having a fresh manicure.

3. Solo trips to cute coffee shops with good music and atmosphere that inspires me. Writing in a creative space without time constraints or distractions.

4. Brunch and day drinking with my best friends.

5. Anything personal growth/self help related that motivates the heck out of me and lights a fire in parts of my soul I barely knew existed.

I would love to hear yours! Send me a DM or email them my way. Praying for you find happiness today.

Image by Morgan Harper Nichols

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