The Mind Spiral

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Today’s post I felt extra strong about so I wanted to put it up here as well. In the chapter, The Blame Game, I talk about the downward spiral your mind can take when something goes wrong in your marriage. It’s so easy to assign every personal flaw or insecurity to what landed you in this mess.

However, that is not a healthy place for your mind to stay. Keep your mind fixed on what will help you today, in the exact place you’re in right now. Remind yourself of five things you love about who you are. Play those thoughts on repeat. Make those thoughts be the ones that take up all the space. Or memorize a favorite quote or bible verse. Repeat it again and again, partner it with some deep breaths, calming scenery, and work at it until you feel better. You guys, it’s not easy. It takes practice and discipline, but it will be so worth it. Start the habits today. There’s no better time to start healing your mind.